Mono - crystalline series



Guaranteed Performance:


10 Years Manufacturing Warranty

10 Years 90% Power Output Warranty

25 Years 80% Power Output Warranty




Mono - crystalline series


  • Highest efficiency rates from 15% to 17.8%;

  • Space – efficient due to the higher power outputs generated, these modules require less space;

  • Longevity;

  • Good performance at low levels of radiation and high ambient temperature;

  • Guaranteed power tolerance (0 ~ +5 W) to ensure reliability of power output;

  • Modules certified by TÜV to withstand harsh environmental conditions, wind loads (2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa);

  • Modules manufactured in compliance with international quality standards and quality management systems ISO9001;

  • Easy installation and handling for various applications;

  • Global distribution with local warehousing, delivery and after sales services.








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