Designer’s series

The purpose of HERMES SOLAR to offer and produce products with high quality and excellent performance characteristics requires from us to continuously improve and upgrade our production processes.

The dynamics in the development of photovoltaics worldwide and more widespread and varied application of photovoltaic systems in households and industry, however, made us to pay special and particular attention to the design and external aesthetic appearance of our products.

Therefore, we have focused part of our efforts in creating a special custom - tailored / designer’s Series of photovoltaic modules to meet and satisfy the more specific needs and ideas of our Customers.

These are the Series products of HERMES SOLAR for a specific PV building integration, such as glass to glass modules, suitable for transparent roofing, solar roof tiles, photovoltaic modules with different colored background (brick red, black, etc.) with outstanding aesthetic qualities in roof and facade installation, as well as the especially developed and designed PV modules for boats, yachts, caravans and motorhomes, street lighting systems, etc.