Our product portfolio includes standard poly and mono crystalline photovoltaic modules for solar power plants and building integration, as well as especially designed and customized PV modules for sophisticated and complex architecture and installation. The power performance of products ranges from 135 W to 335 W.

The proper and careful selection of the best high quality materials, their diligent handling and strict overall control ensure the power performance, durability, and longevity of our products and at the same time give us the opportunity to achieve the golden balance between price and quality.

Our products are featured with full TÜV product certification, extended product warranty of 10 years and 10 years warranty for 90% of the guaranteed minimum power and 25 years warranty for 80% of the guaranteed minimum power, as well as guarantee for high performance even at low levels of solar radiation.

The quality and the customers’trust in the products of "Hermes Solar" is one of the key priorities of the company.