Vision and mission


Hermes Solar Ltd. has a certain set of core corporate values, which determine our underlying business culture and philosophy and which are deeply imbedded in our company and employees:

Customer and quality guarantee: We put our Customers first in everything we do and we constantly earn their trust and commitment by producing and providing products and services with excellent value and quality;

Success through teamwork and contribution:We always do strive to achieve effective collaboration between our employees, with our partners and our customers, as each person’s contribution is critical to our success;

Flexibility and development: We are resourceful, flexible, creative and constantly developing, which help us to achieve results faster and better than our competitors.

Continuous innovation and new technologies: We always work hard to improve on excellence by constantly upgrading and modernizing through adopting new technologies, research and development;

Sustainability and longevity of results: In our work, we always try to gain results with excellent quality and guaranteed stability in long-term aspect.



Our mission is to be recognized as one of the leading manufacturer of high – quality modules and components for PV systems, competitive on the PV markets worldwide as well as to become preferred and trusted partner in the planning and implementation of turnkey projects in the renewable energy sector.


“ENERGY FOR LIFE” - By transforming in an environment-friendly manner the pure and abundant solar radiation into energy and bringing it to people, we want to assure their better standard of life and to improve their energy independence.


Our vision is to concentrate our efforts in the establishment of a large-scale manufacturing to provide high quality, cost-effective, environment – friendly, modern and innovative PV products and systems to people worldwide.