Поликристални модули


Physical Characteristics      
Cells per Module 72 Cells (6x12)    
Cell Type Mono-crystalline Silicon    
Module Dimension (L x W x H) 1954x990x38 (mm)    
Module Weight 21Kg    
Frame Anodized Aluminum (Black frame available by customer order)    
Front Glass 4 mm Tempered Glass    
Junction Box IP66/IP65, 4mm²    
Cable Length(+/-) 1000mm    
Electrical Characteristics      
Item Unit HS-PB1/290  
Max. Power (Pmax) W 290  
Open circuit voltage (Voc) V 44,80  
Short circuit current (Isc) A 8,60  
Max. Power voltage (Vmp) V 36,00  
Max. Power current (Imp) A 8,06  
Module efficiency % 14,99  
Power tolerance W 0~+4,99  
*STC (Standard Test Condition): 1000W/m2, AM 1.5, 25˚C      
Permissible operating conditions      
Temperature range -40 to +85 ºC    
Maximum system voltage 1,000V DC(IEC), 600V DC(UL)    
Maximum surface load cap 5,400Pa     
Maximum hailstone impact (diameter / velocity) 25mm / 23m/s    
*NOCT (Nominal Operating Cell Temperature): 800W/m², 20˚C, wind speed 1m/s      
Thermal Characteristics      
Rating   Unit Value
NOCT   ºC 47±2
Temperature coefficient ISC %/˚C + 0,05
  VOC %/˚C – 0,32
  PMAX %/˚C – 0,42
Packing Specifications      
Packing box dimension (L x W x H) 1980 x 800 x 1150 (mm)     
Number of modules per pallet 20